My Choice for Circular Saws

I don’t do a massive amount of handy man stuff around our place, but there is always something to mend, or something small that we want to pull together without calling in a builder, so I do have a few basic tools.
Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw

Some of the most used are my circular saws. In the end I settled on two, Continue reading

The Best Baby Monitor investment ever

Isn’t it strange how things come into your life sometimes. I guess it comes down to what your mind is focused on at the time really. Even so, having no kids, writing about our best baby monitor investment, as well as our unorthodox use of the product certainly came out of left field for me.

Steve had recently discovered a clever new camera device to keep him safe on his bike. (which he will probably cover at some point), and I guess that was in the back of my mind when my sister and I sat down to discuss a problem we are having with our ageing Mum.

watching Mom with Our Best Baby MonitorSome History

Like many her age, my Mom now lives alone. She still drives, cooks for herself and is fiercely independent which is a good thing really. But, and it is a big But, she has a couple of medical conditions that could need  assistance at any time.

Not only that, but she is not as steady on her feet as she used to be. So we are also worried that she could take a fall, and end up on the floor, unable to get help.  This is a big issue for us given our recent family history.

You see, my uncle was living in a care facility, in his own apartment. But he had communal dining facilities and in house medical support. Even there, when he failed to come in for breakfast one morning, no-one noticed.

It wasn’t until he failed to show up again for dinner that night that he was missed.

By the time they found him, on the floor, wedged behind his closed bathroom door, he had been lying there for almost 24 hours.  Having suffered a major stroke. Without early intervention, damage was severe and  irreversible. So, as a result he lived his final 10 years  or so with almost no speech and no sense of, or use of the left hand side of his Body. None!

So what do we do about Mom

As we sat discussing our concerns, my sister was constantly reaching for her I-Pad. She would check it and put it down again. After a while this became both annoying, and piqued my interest. So I asked her what was so important that she needed to keep checking that thing every few minutes.

She rotated the I-Pad  and what she was looking at was a live view of the nursery where her daughter was supposedly sleeping upstairs.  Naturally I asked how she was seeing that and she told me about her new Baby Cam  that she had bought just last week.

It turns out that it is not just a baby monitor. It is a Wi-Fi enabled surveillance Camera used for that purpose. As long as it is in a Wi-Fi enabled location you can check on the view, using your smart phone, laptop, I-Pad etc from anywhere in the world.
View from our my sisters Baby Monitor

Naturally we went quietly into the nursery to check it out. My mind made the leap from monitoring my niece,  to monitoring my Mom two suburbs away.

We already have the Wi-Fi

Steve and I already installed  Wi-Fi in Mom’s home. We also bought her a Laptop so she can stay in touch with family and friends on Facebook, Skype etc.  Not only that, but her home is a single level, and quite small with a Kitchen/Dining Room, and Sitting room. From there a hallway leads to her bedroom, (which as an en-suite), a guest room (never used) and a bathroom that doubles as a laundry.

The thing is you can easily see from one end to the other. I realized that a camera on the wall above her breakfast bar would give us coverage of the living area and the hallway.

Of course I would have to persuaded her to go along with the idea. However as she only uses the En-suite bathroom, and she dresses in her bedroom, modesty at least would not be an issue.

Well that whole scenario played out a month ago now. Mom understood our concerns and agreed to let us trial the Camera. It is connected to my phone and my sisters phone only (modesty handled). And so far thankfully there have been no incidents for it to catch.

Mom is already comfortable with the arrangement.

This is The Best Baby Monitor Investment we have been talking about.

Palermo Best Baby Monitor Investment

This is the Palermo HD Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera. It even has night vision and motion sensors, and it has two way audio. If Mom is in trouble we can hear call for help etc.

It comes with mounting brackets. If, like us you want to put it on the wall you can. However it can also just sit on a flat surface.  It  does a lot of things that we don’t need like streaming video, taking snap shots, and storing footage. The camera scans 35o degrees and tilts 110 degrees. Like I said things we don’t need, but Brilliant

If we configure it to monitor doors, smoke alarms etc we can even extend our usage and set up a home security system for Mom if we decide to.

I picked up the camera at a substantial discount on Amazon (cheaper than the maker sells it for). We only paid around $70, which is an absolute bargain for the peace of mind it brings, and it even has a lifetime, no questions asked, replacement warranty.

Palermo is a small US family based business, and  I am happy to recommend what they do.

I know some of you have young kids, and many  have ageing parents, so I post this here just in case it might bring some peace of mind monitoring your loved ones too  Whatever their age. For us this is not just our best baby monitor  but our best Granny monitor as well