My Best Electric Shaver ever

By | August 18, 2015

Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3dAmanda prefers that I am clean shaven for the most part, which is a challenge for a guy with a strong beard, especially when I prefer Electric Shavers over manual razors.

Fortunately I came across’s Best Electric Shaver list which brought me to the Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D.(specifically the model 1250/42).

I settled on the Rotary shaver because it has more power for dealing with tough facial hair, and when I looked at the reviews and found that more than half its users gave it a maximum rating of 5 stars on Amazon it seemed likely to do what I needed. I was not disappointed

The unit looks great, and its three rotating blades really allow me to get at all the tight spots, and follow the curves of my face and neck easily. The shaver is powerful but runs quietly, and there was one massive bonus for me.

I have the problem combination of very tough facial hair, and sensitive skin which used to mean irritation and razor bumps. This shaver can be used for wet shaving, and I can shave in the shower. So I softened up my face with a hot shower, applied a thick cover of shaving gel, and to my amazement I finally got a really close shave, without any of the discomfort I had to deal with before.

To cap it off, it comes with their Jet Clean system  which lubricates, charges and cleans the razor without me worrying about it.

They say I will need to buy a replacement head each year, but I have had this just on 12 months now and its still doing a great job.

As a bonus, on the same site I cam across a specialist head shaver. My father has been struggling to deal with a bald head for a few years now, and he jumped in and bought one of these:

The New Skull Shaver

Skull and Face Electric ShaverShaverlist rated it as their Best Electric Head Shaver Skull Shaver’s Bald Eagle is another Rotary Shaver but this one has 5 rotating heads, set in a cluster, on a curved plate so the five of them mold to the skull.

The unique feature though is the way the blades and motor are assembled effectively allowing you to grip it horizontally in the palm of your hand.

My father loves this thing, it gives him total control when shaving the top, side and even the back of his head, which had always been a real struggle for him until he bought this.

His Skull Shaver came with a carry pouch, charger, and cleaning brush. He loves it, so if you need to maintain a Bald look as well as have a decent facial shave you might want to check this out.



Philips Norelco 1280X

This rotary razor is equipped with an innovative technology that provides you with excellent shaving performance, without irritating the skin. This razor comes with one of the best Jet clean systems that you will find in the industry. This system will lubricate, clean and charge the razor for maximum convenience. This razor by Philips is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide extending portable operation. The Philips 1280X SensoTouch 3D is designed to allow you to shave wherever, and wherever you want.

Another great feature of this electric razor is the ergonomics. It is a well designed razor that feels smooth in the hand and does an excellent job of delivering a comfortable shave.

Overall, these two products are designed using totally different technologies, but the end results are same. While the Skull Shaver gives you the ultimate in ease and control, the Philips Norelco 1280X is more focused on power and comfort, without compromising the aesthetic of great design.

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