A gift for the young at heart.

By | August 17, 2016

We face the dilemma every year, especially at Christmas, or when birthdays roll around, what do you buy someone who basically has everything?

Maybe it’s a simply a fun gift for a workmate where the intention is to buy something that is not too personal.

One amusing option we found for one of Steve’s workmates is a set of Micro Wheels, a miniature remote control car, controlled via an I-phone or Android device, with a price tag as little as $49.


These crazy little cars also come with a set of witches hats to build an obstacle course right there on the desk, there are optional start and finish timing gates, and perhaps most entertaining of all, a miniature trailer and 5 glasses to deliver the drinks (all in miniature of course)


Obviously all in fun, but something different at gift buying time

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