My Eureka Vacuum cleaner with Unlimited Rewind

By | October 17, 2016

Eureka Vacuum cleanerA few months ago we started reading review sites looking for Top Rated Vacuums. With a little help, we found our best vacuum for hardwood floors the Eureka Vacuum cleaner.

Asthma threatens our kids.  Their allergic reactions are triggered by dusty surfaces and pet hairs, particularly from cats, in our home.

Steve and I decided that they would live and play without fear of an attack or allergies. no matter what.

In the past we have owned four different types of vacuum cleaners from 3 different companies It’s been a case of trial and error.

First up. we knew we needed power and performance.

Secondly, because I like things nice and simple, I need a vacuum with all the tools and accessories available.

I use it to clean all surfaces in my home, the hard floor, carpeting and even my upholstery and curtains.

Finally, I wanted a decent length cord and a retractor that actually works.

Sue loaned me her Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

After a couple of weeks looking around, my friend Sue told me about the Eureka AS3033A Unlimited Rewind Vacuum. I actually borrowed hers before buying one, to make my own comparisons. I never trust things untill they deliver.

The EUREKA vacuum cleaner has been a revelation!, and the cord retractor is out of this world!

At 19lbs we thought it was too heavy but after cleaning the whole house I told Steve”this is it”.

The great Air Speed suction picks up dirt so effortlessly, even from crevices. I am always wary of any dusty surfaces as they bring allergens and can trigger asthma attacks.

I was particularly impressed by the  on/off “brush roll” switch. It allows me to change effortlessly between use on bare floors and on carpets & rugs.

Sometimes we remove our rugs completely during the wet weather. So its brilliant that the same EUREKA cleans my hardwood floor, my carpets or my rugs effortlessly.

So Easy to use.

On occasion I have had to deal with a manual cord rewind. On my last vacuum the cord retracted very slowly. The automatic one on the EUREKA vacuum cleaner definitely makes things easier for me. It is an added convenience that is really noticeable if you have grappled with the same issues as me in the past.

I love how easy it is to empty the dust collector once full. A testimony to the great forward thinking of its creator.

with a 13 inch cleaning path I am covering a wider area with each movement. now I have reduced the time it takes to clean my bigger rooms like my bedroom and living room.

The 27 foot power cord gives me the chance to cover large rooms before I have to change to power sockets.

Little wonder it score 4.8  stars (out of 5) online, and we got it $60 cheaper than the manufacturer offers it for.

Those who know me know I love the EUREKA AS3033A. I expect to be using this for a long long time.

What a difference, and neither of our kids have had an attack since we bought it.

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