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A gift for the young at heart.

We face the dilemma every year, especially at Christmas, or when birthdays roll around, what do you buy someone who basically has everything? Maybe it’s a simply a fun gift for a workmate where the intention is to buy something that is not too personal. One amusing option we found for one of Steve’s workmates… Read More »

My Eureka Vacuum cleaner with Unlimited Rewind

A few months ago we started reading review sites looking for Top Rated Vacuums. With a little help, we found our best vacuum for hardwood floors the Eureka Vacuum cleaner. Asthma threatens our kids.  Their allergic reactions are triggered by dusty surfaces and pet hairs, particularly from cats, in our home. Steve and I decided… Read More »

5 Simple Tips That make life Easier

It’s great when you come across things that improve life around the home but basically don’t cost a thing and if they effectively recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfill, all the better. Here are a five ideas I found when cruising around online, and there are plenty more online. These are so… Read More »

The Best Baby Monitor investment ever

Isn’t it strange how things come into your life sometimes. I guess it comes down to what your mind is focused on at the time really. Even so, having no kids, writing about our best baby monitor investment, as well as our unorthodox use of the product certainly came out of left field for me.… Read More »