About Us

Steve RevoloHi, my name is Steve Revolo, and I started this blog as a college student way back in 2006. At the time (like most of my friends) I was interested in Music, Sports, Booze, Computer Games, and girls (not necessarily in that order).  So back there this blog looked very different, and was basically about Music, Games, Concerts and movies.

A bunch of my college friends got involved in the site too, but unlike Mark Zuckerberg we did not get rich.

College has long gone, my life and interests have changed and recently my wife and I decided to re-purpose the blog to write about ordinary things that we find helpful now.


Amanda RevoloHello, I’m Amanda, and Yes, we do spend too much time on our Laptops, but it saves us time and money in the end.  Steve and I met just after College, (and he looked a lot rougher then, lol) so I was not part of the old “revolved”.

I never thought I would write a blog, but when we research things, buy them and find them to be as good as we hoped, we just write about them here.

I used to get a bit frustrated looking for things online, and looking for sites and suppliers I could trust, so on here we agreed to also mention where we found things,. Maybe it will save you some time.