A real Espresso Machine

By | February 20, 2016

Real Espresso Machine



One thing Amanda and I share is a love of real coffee, so for us having the best coffee maker we can afford makes sense to us.  We found ours with the help of Coffeemakerpicks.com and we start each day with a quality espresso made right here at home.

As home Espresso machines go, this does a great job of building in the main features of large commercial machines, without taking up the space that they need.

With a built in burr grinder, and removable hopper, we grind our fresh beans as needed, and get a perfect volume of grounds using the onboard Tamper.

Because the Breville has a built in PID, we have control over water Temperature,this allows us to increase or decrease the water temperature in 1 degree increments, so we get exactly the right temperature for the drink we are making, and that means a perfect extraction every time.

We can also program for one cup or two cups as needed, and it will extract either 30 mls or 60 mils depending on the selection.

We can monitor the extraction pressure and adjust the coffee strength so we get exactly the coffee we want.

Overall it takes only a few moments to extract the Espresso, and then 30 seconds to switch over to the steamer to heat the milk.

We can also preheat our cups, and make a long black easily with the dedicated water outlet.

The water reservoir holds 2 liters which is plenty large enough to use when entertaining.

The whole process takes us about 2 -3 minutes and we each have a perfect Espresso to start the day, can’t beat that.

Amanda selected the Red one to make a statement in our kitchen, but it is available in Black and Silver as well.

For us at under $600 it makes perfect sense given that we use it everyday, and it adds to diner parties as well.

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