5 Simple Tips That make life Easier

By | September 5, 2016

It’s great when you come across things that improve life around the home but basically don’t cost a thing and if they effectively recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfill, all the better.
5 life hacks

Here are a five ideas I found when cruising around online, and there are plenty more online. These are so easy anyone can use them. For more ideas visit lifehack.org.

Free Computer Cord Organizer

There is nothing in my life more frustrating than dealing with the gaggle of cords around my Desktop computer work station. I spend most of my time on my wireless based Laptop, but the kids use the Desktop, and between power cords, Printer cables, Router Cables, Speaker leads, and Telephone cables the area was always a mess. Here is an easier solution we just adopted to fix that problem

Cord Organizer

Dust Pan Frustration Buster

When working outside, the closest source of hot water we have is a small bathroom by the backdoor, but in their wisdom the builders installed a small sink, which does not allow us to fill buckets or other larger containers, so my kids tramp through the house, (leaving a mess in the process) to get hot water for their various needs.

Here is a cost free solution that now saves me cleaning time.

Dust pan pipeline

Caught without a Cold Crisp White when a friend drops in?

I don’t have a wine cellar, and with a bunch of kids in the house there is not always room in the fridge to keep wine chilled ready for an unexpected guest, so I have been caught short a couple of times.

Here is a clever solution, needless to say I now have a dozen grapes in the freezer.
White Wine Cooler

Ending Confusion with Keys

If you get tired of trying to work our which key fits which lock, here is an easy answer. If you don’t want to use nail polish you can also buy inexpensive rubber hoods to roll on and get the same result.
Color Code Keys

Convert your Smart Phone into a Speaker

A simple solution using 4 cork board pins and a dis-used Toilet roll, Easy as.
Smart Phone Stand

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