A gift for the young at heart.

We face the dilemma every year, especially at Christmas, or when birthdays roll around, what do you buy someone who basically has everything?

Maybe it’s a simply a fun gift for a workmate where the intention is to buy something that is not too personal.

One amusing option we found for one of Steve’s workmates is a set of Micro Wheels, a miniature remote control car, controlled via an I-phone or Android device, with a price tag as little as $49.


These crazy little cars also come with a set of Continue reading

My Eureka Vacuum cleaner with Unlimited Rewind

Eureka Vacuum cleanerA few months ago we started reading review sites looking for Top Rated Vacuums. With a little help, we found our best vacuum for hardwood floors the Eureka Vacuum cleaner.

Asthma threatens our kids.  Their allergic reactions are triggered by dusty surfaces and pet hairs, particularly from cats, in our home.

Steve and I decided that they would live and play without fear of an attack or allergies. no matter what.

In the past we have owned four different types of vacuum cleaners from 3 different companies It’s been a case of trial and error.

First up. we knew we needed power and performance.

Secondly, because I like things nice and simple, I need a vacuum with all the tools and accessories available.

I use it to clean all surfaces in my home, the hard floor, carpeting and even my upholstery and curtains.

Finally, I wanted a decent length cord and a retractor that actually works. Continue reading

5 Simple Tips That make life Easier

It’s great when you come across things that improve life around the home but basically don’t cost a thing and if they effectively recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfill, all the better.
5 life hacks

Here are a five ideas I found when cruising around online, and there are plenty more online. These are so easy anyone can Continue reading

My Best Electric Shaver ever

Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3dAmanda prefers that I am clean shaven for the most part, which is a challenge for a guy with a strong beard, especially when I prefer Electric Shavers over manual razors.

Fortunately I came across Shaverlist.com’s Best Electric Shaver list which brought me to the Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D.(specifically the model 1250/42).

I settled on the Rotary shaver because it has more power for dealing with tough facial hair, and when I looked at the reviews and found that more than half its users gave it a maximum rating of 5 stars on Amazon it seemed likely to do what I needed. I was not disappointed Continue reading

A real Espresso Machine

Real Espresso Machine



One thing Amanda and I share is a love of real coffee, so for us having the best coffee maker we can afford makes sense to us.  We found ours with the help of Coffeemakerpicks.com and we start each day with a quality espresso made right here at home.

As home Espresso machines go, this does a great job of building in the main features of large commercial machines, without taking up the space that they need.

With a built in burr grinder, and removable hopper, we grind our fresh beans as needed, and get a perfect volume of grounds using the onboard Tamper. Continue reading